RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization):

It’s crucial that all returns have seen the light of a valid RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. Without one, slipping any returns through our system is as unlikely as unsalted popcorn. So how can you successfully skywrite your return needs? Just give us a ring at 231-773-0005 and let us assign your purchase with an RMA to ensure a safe return flight! 

Ah, just one moment. Before we do anything else: all items up for return must have been procured from Monroe Truck and Auto Accessories – and in the past 30 days! But hold on. That’s not all. The window for product with a valid RMA closes 15 days after the official RMA issue date; so you don’t want to wait too long. Make sure you’ve got that accountability correctly noted for next time 😉

We want to keep things simple here – if you send us a product without a valid RMA, you won’t be getting any credits! We would hate for that to happen though, so we’ll reach out to you three times throughout a two week window. Don’t make us break up with giving you your money back…be sure to respond or risk never being reunited with your product. It’s harsh, but that’s life. Sorry, no refund for folks who don’t act in time.

New / Unused Product:

No borrowing, folks! We want them back in “showroom condition”! You better believe returns won’t be accepted if they have been used at all, not even once and all original hardware must be present. Pristine and practically untouched! Please keep those product labels, stickers, and pen markings off the product and original packaging. If you want an easy job of it, just popped it back into another box, then go wild with colorful return labels and addresses.

Restock Fee:

We want you to be pleased with your purchase from Monroe Truck and Auto Accessoriees! That being said, there is one exception: if you need to make a return, we will apply a 20% restock fee. Unless, of course, the error was on our end – then the restocking fee is waved!


We all make mistakes, even we do when it comes to shipping. But sorry, that doesn’t change the fact that any original freight costs cannot be refunded, if the product was shipped free freight we deduct our original cost of shipping from any return – this is unless it was our mistake of course.

Non-Returnable Items:

Nothing good comes easy, and sometimes that applies to returns! We regret to inform you that there are certain conditions when we cannot accept returns on some items no matter what. Oh, the hardship! Below is the undesirable list explaining it in detail:

• Special order items not stocked in our warehouse – Yes that even means in the far, far backroom because we checked. They ain’t there!

• Obsolete goods – They are Obsolete for a reason!!!

• Clearance Items – Yep, these sales are final. No returnsies!

• Oil and Hydraulic Fluids – Just don’t know what to say about that one? (“AKA” No Returns)

• Electrical components – Really? Would you want something “New” that was returned? Please take extra care prior to ordering them as we will not take them back!

• Any part damaged due to being installed, disassembled, messed around with or caught up with delightful wear and tear activities. –  Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Defective Parts:

If something’s not right and you happen to receive a defective part, fear not! Opening up a RMA REQUST FORM is like using a magic wand – it makes it all better. And thankfully, we have two different options when it comes to replacing the faulty piece:

# 1 Time to follow through! You’ve been issued an RMA number and the product has returned, ready for the investigation. It’s all about detective work. Our team of investigators will take a close look at that product and determine if there is any defect. If found guilty (of being defective), a replacement will be dispatched on ground service to your address— completely free of charge. That’s karma, friend!


# 2 If you can’t take the suspense any longer for us to process your return and look into the alleged defects, why not go ahead and order a new part? Of course, that one’s on you – part cost and shipping, that is. But fear not: if our investigation finds that original part of yours actually was defective, we’ll credit all the original expense back to you. Talk about no-brainer – now that’s accommodating service!

Ah, the dreaded worst case scenario. What if the “defective” part isn’t really defective after all? Well, we always come prepared! Fortunately, there are two options in this situation as well. It looks like this misunderstanding will get sorted out sooner rather than later. Phew, crisis averted.

# 1 Looks like we have a pickle on our hands… We can send the alleged “defective” part back to you, but you will have to bear the cost of shipping. Ouch! Sorry mate, if you’ve already put in another order for this part, then that doesn’t make things any easier for ya. Looks like we’re offloading both parts onto your bill!


# 2 We’ve come up with another way to refund your purchase: Start with your Merchandise total only (no Original shipping!) that you paid and we’ll deduct 10% for restocking fees and our cost for the RMA return label, whatever amount is left is yours. No, it’s not all—but it should still do the trick! Why don’t we just call this “credit lite?”

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